The site now

Existing Site

The site comprises part of an existing field which is currently used for pig farming and measures approximately 1ha. The field itself measures approximately 2ha.

It is bounded by mature hedgerows and trees, screening it from the wider area. This has been considered in the preparation of the proposal as part of a Landscape Visual Appraisal. It has also informed a scheme of landscaping which will provide an opportunity to deliver a range of Biodiversity Net Gains and significant new tree planting.

Existing Site Photographs

Our proposal


The proposal has been prepared in outline, seeking to establish the principles of the development, so that new employment spaces can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the businesses who will use them. It has been designed to accommodate up to 10 units but equally a smaller number could be delivered if a business requires more space.

Proposed Site Layout

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The approach to design has been considered and new buildings will be appropriate for their context, set within maximum parameters which will not be exceeded at the detailed design stage. It is proposed that the maximum floor space will be for up to 1,525 m2. It is currently proposed that this be delivered within three buildings set out in individual courtyards.

A new vehicular access is proposed from Lymington Bottom Road, which has been assessed in detail and is appropriate to serve the development.

Illustrative elevations of new buildings


The site to be developed measures approx. 0.98 hectares, the above site layout presented above illustrates the following:

  • three new buildings with a total internal floorspace of 1525m2;
  • the buildings will be sub-divided into a total of 10 no. individual units (subject to user/ occupier requirements);
  • individual lobby and ancillary accommodation;
  • refuse storage;
  • 63 no. car parking spaces;
  • suitable cycle parking;
  • vehicular & pedestrian circulation with suitable turning and visibility provision; and,
  • landscaping and drainage enhancement.

Adaptability of the units proposed is fundamental to future occupiers needs, from fruition of the applicant’s design brief this idea has been embedded into the design strategy. The buildings have been designed to be easily adaptable to grow with the business.

The proposal also includes provision for an oversized drainage attenuation pond (SWALE) which has been designed to accommodate surface water runoff from Lymington Bottom Road, providing a benefit for the existing situation. This has been informed by a technical drainage assessment.

Precedent images of similar proposals

Sensitive landscape relationship

Additional tree and low level planting is also proposed in suitable locations within the scheme to provide aesthetical, biodiverse and environmental enhancement.

The scale and massing of the proposed development will be two storeys in height externally. Internal eave heights and configuration have been calculated to reflect future users’ needs, through the insertion of additional internal structures to provide a second storey internally.

The height and scale of the proposal has been influenced by a Landscape Visual Appraisal and seeks to retain a traditional rural character but fit for purpose of business.

Other Technical Work

A range of other technical work has informed the illustrative layout and will form part of the planning application, such work comprises:

  • surface water drainage assessment;
  • tree surveys and ecology surveys;
  • transport assessments;
  • energy and sustainability appraisals; and,
  • landscape assessment.

Next steps

We will review the feedback received from the questionnaire along with the outcome of ongoing engagement with key community stakeholders and East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

Once received, we will consider any updates to the respective proposals before submitting planning applications to EHDC.