The site now

Our proposal

Committed Development

There are signs of investment already at the site as part of the first phase of regeneration. This includes the demolition of some of the older buildings adjacent to Nosh Café and delivery of a mixed use development incorporating five new shop units which can be used for a mix of appropriate uses. There has been strong demand for these uses, some of which will be used to accommodate existing businesses in new premises.

However, there is an opportunity to do more in order to enhance the social and economic infrastructure available, through further regeneration. The proposal seeks to deliver on this.

CGI images of the development currently under construction

Context of Delivery

The scheme will be delivered alongside the new residential development to the west and also the employment hub at Five Ash Crossroads. The residential development land, which is currently in the same ownership as the Local Centre, will provide the necessary capital investment to deliver the regeneration. In addition, new properties in close proximity will also help enhance the vitality of the Centre, within walking distance.

The proposed mix of uses has been put forward having regard to existing provision locally and to seek to provide new services and facilities which are not common within the area. This has also been informed by discussion with some existing local business and community groups.

It will be necessary to relocate some of the existing light industrial businesses from the site to the new employment hub at Five Ash Crossroads, retaining them in the locality. There is extremely limited, if any, alternative provision in the area.

The scheme could be delivered within 18 months of the grant of planning permission for the site and residential development. This has been informed by extensive assessment of a range of technical work which has provided an informed consideration of what is required on site, such as ground investigation, drainage assessment and ecological appraisal.

All of the new development will be delivered to a high environmental standard, much more efficient than the existing buildings contributing to a more environmentally sustainable centre.

Proposed Development

The proposal includes provision of 4 no. new buildings providing flexible commercial and leisure space. At this stage it is envisaged that the new space will include:

  • a new pub (approx. 350m2);
  • a new flexible building for sport and recreation (approx. 650m2) – there is currently discussion with a local sports club regarding this;
  • a further leisure building making provision for a members gym (approx. 400 m2);
  • a flexible commercial building (approx. 500m2) suitable for a range of town centre, employment or clinical uses – there has been some early discussions regarding the provision of healthcare related uses such as a dental practice, osteopathy and homeopathic treatments. Equally, the building would also suit an office or studio based use.

A total of 3 no. smaller buildings will be demolished to make way for the proposals and existing tenants will either relocate to new buildings within the site or, new purpose built accommodation at Five Ash Crossroads. The proposal is focused on delivering a net increase in economic development in the area and the existing businesses remain an important part of this.

The new development will create approximately 45-50 new full time equivalent (FTE) jobs.

A new reconfigured car park will be delivered providing 92 no. parking spaces, including provision of electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) and cycle parking.

It is proposed to deliver an increase of approximately 30 no. car parking spaces on the site however, relative to the amount of facilities proposed the development will naturally reduce the use of the car locally by providing facilities within walking distance of many local residents and reducing the need to travel further afield.

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The proposed new pub at Lymington Barns

The new pub will be approximately 350 sq.m and serve as a focal point for the community.

The proposed Sports and Recreation Centre at Lymington Barns

Birds-eye view of proposals

Other technical work

A range of other technical work has informed the illustrative layout and will form part of the planning application, such work comprises:

  • a detailed drainage strategy;
  • ecological assessment;
  • transport assessment;
  • ground condition assessment; and,
  • sustainable energy appraisal.

Next steps

We will review the feedback received from the questionnaire along with the outcome of ongoing engagement with key community stakeholders and East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

Once received, we will consider any updates to the respective proposals before submitting planning applications to EHDC.