The site now

Existing Site

The site measures 4.37 hectares and comprises of low-grade agricultural land. It adjoins, but is outside of, the designated settlement boundary of Four Marks and South Medstead. The land is currently a grazing field with no built structures and gently falls from the north to the south.

The southern boundary is tree lined with the Watercress line adjacent which is set within a cutting at this point to deprive the site of any visual interface with the steam railway. The western edge is bounded by some small trees spaced irregularly and set within an established hedgerow. A large field adjoins much of the site which also, in turn, is enclosed by established vegetation, limiting any visibility of the site from the west.

The northern boundary has some large specimen trees and undergrowth. A new residential development has been built adjacent the Site to the east (Site Allocation FM1). Trees and hedges form this boundary. A grass verge and road abut the Site from the neighbouring development where vehicular access is proposed. Beyond FM1 is Lymington Barns Local Centre, a designated Centre in the Four Marks and Medstead Neighbourhood Plan (Adopted January 2016).

The delivery of the proposed residential development will promote the vitality of the Local Centre but also, importantly support its viability through the provision of additional expenditure and also the business case for its delivery in the first instance. It will also underwrite the delivery costs associated with it in an area where the viability of commercial development has been marginalised.

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Our proposal


It is intended that an ‘outline’ planning application is submitted along with details of site access. This will seek to establish the broad principles of development on the site including its broad layout.

A subsequent ‘reserved matters’ stage would follow if the outline planning application is approved by East Hampshire District Council. This subsequent stage will look at the finer grain of detail in terms of an exact layout of flats and houses across the site, their external appearance, housing mix, and details of landscape planting.

The Illustrative Masterplan set out below details how the site is capable of delivering up to 116 new homes with a range of houses and flats, including provision of affordable housing, alongside public open space. It will deliver 40% of the total as affordable, or up to 46 new homes including a mix of tenures to be agreed and secured as part of a s106 Agreement. There is a significant need for more affordable housing in the area. The average house price is more than 14 times the median income level.

The Illustrative Masterplan set out above details how the site is capable of delivering up to 160 new homes with a range of houses and apartments, including provision of affordable housing, alongside public open space.

Housing Mix

The proposal will include an appropriate mix of homes of varying sizes, albeit, at this stage, the planning application will be submitted in outline form and a detailed layout and mix of homes will form the subject of a future Reserved Matters application.

The housing mix will be informed by the most up to date assessment of housing needs at that time.

Layout and Height

The illustrative information prepared to inform the proposal has considered the character of the surrounding area, provision of open space, relationship with existing development and potential to create a high-quality living environment for new residents within the development.

The layout incorporates a sequence of key features:

  • A green space marks the entrance to the site;
  • A tree lined avenue leads to the centre of the site where a group of key buildings define a pocket square;
  • Subsequently the avenue turns north-west to connect to a second green space around a group of existing mature trees;
  • A strong hierarchy of streets with secondary streets leading to private drives and shared surfaces along the edges of the site;
  • A clear hierarchy of buildings with continuous frontages and set-backs along main streets, key buildings marking strategic spaces and less formal frontages along the edges;
  • A robust landscape strategy which aims to retain and enhance existing features: mature vegetation soften the development edges, a buffer zone along the Watercress line including SuDS features and two well overlooked key green spaces; and,
  • Perimeter blocks define a clear distinction between private and public realms.

Access and Movement

Vehicular access is proposed from Lymington Bottom Road via Longbourn Way. The access between the adopted highway and the application site was constructed to an adoptable standard and is appropriate to serve the level of development proposed.

Open Space and Landscaping

The proposal includes provision of Public Open Space, including a mix of formal play areas and informal spaces.

A landscape scheme will supplement the proposal with a range of additional planting, offering significant potential for net increases in the number of trees in the area. This is considered alongside a Landscape Visual Appraisal prepared by Viridian Landscape which concludes that the proposal will not have a detrimental impact on the local landscape character and is not prominent from public viewpoints. It is a discreet location to accommodate development on a greenfield site.

Other Technical Work

A range of other technical work has informed the illustrative layout and will form part of the planning application, such work comprises:

  • drainage assessment and strategy;
  • tree survey;
  • ecology survey, assessment and biodiversity net gain provision;
  • nutrient neutrality assessment; 
  • transport assessment;
  • landscape assessment and strategy;
  • energy and sustainability appraisals; and,
  • noise and air quality assessments.

Next steps

We will review the feedback received from the questionnaire along with the outcome of ongoing engagement with key community stakeholders and East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

Once received, we will consider any updates to the respective proposals before submitting planning applications to EHDC.