This consultation portal has been prepared to provide an overview of each proposal and to invite comment from the local community. The feedback we receive will help to shape the proposals and will eventually be submitted to East Hampshire District Council as part of a series of planning applications.

There are three proposals to consider, but they are related, each influencing the delivery of the other. Much of the discussion in recent years, locally, has been around the topic of housing. New homes, including affordable housing, are important in an area which is currently unaffordable to many, but in this case the housing proposed by Redrow Homes, a high quality house builder, will play a central role in facilitating the new employment, services and facilities. Did you know that approximately 64% of workplace based workers living in the District travel outside of it to work? (Source: East Hampshire Factsheet (Hampshire County Council, 2011 Census data).

A new employment hub at Five Ash Crossroads, will provide new employment space for business to expand or to establish themselves locally. This is an important part in maintaining a thriving community. As are local facilities and services, and the regeneration of Lymington Barns will significantly increase the range of facilities locally for both existing and future residents to enjoy.

We welcome your objective input into the proposals. They have been prepared to promote a more sustainable environment, but there will be things we have missed in terms of the types of uses proposed, whether there is a preference to include further/alternative uses and what you consider to be important to the local area, we would like to hear from you.

An overview of each proposal is provided by clicking on the following link or the tab above.
Lymington Barns Regeneration;
Five Ash Crossroads Employment Hub; and
New residential development West of Longbourn Way.

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We are keen to hear your views on these proposals and would be grateful for your time in filling out the below 5-minute questionnaire. Please let us know your views by Tuesday 31 August, 2021.

Land west of Lymington Bottom Road, South Medstead

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Next Steps

We will review the feedback received from the questionnaire along with the outcome of ongoing engagement with key community stakeholders and East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

Once received, we will consider any updates to the respective proposals before submitting planning applications to EHDC.