The site now

Existing Site

The Old Coach Station is formed of two parcels, Mendip Garage and Garndiffaith, which are located on Street End in the village of Blagdon, North Somerset, approximately 150m from the Village Centre.

The Mendip Garage parcel comprises a mixed use garage and residential property. The garage has been used for a number of vehicle related services since its inception and currently operates as a horse drawn carriage hire service. The site consists of a single residential property and 4 outbuildings used for ancillary storage. The outbuildings are constructed from concrete and corrugated iron sheeting.

The Mendip Garage parcel lies partially within the Blagdon Conservation Area and is not statutorily listed.

The Garndiffaith parcel consists of the residential cottage of Garndiffaith, a single storey residential dwelling. Adjacent to the residential cottage of Garndiffaith is a parcel of land currently used for storage purposes, and containing 2 outbuildings, constructed of concrete, stone and corrugated iron sheeting, with both outbuildings in a dilapidated state. This parcel additionally previously included a residential dwelling which has been demolished.

The Garndiffaith parcel lies within the Blagdon Conservation Area and is not statutorily listed.

To the eastern boundary of the Gardiffaith parcel is a stone wall, with the northern boundary consisting of fencing and vegetation to the neighbouring properties.

Existing access to both parcels of land is provided to the east along Street End.

The Old Coach Station lies entirely within the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our proposal

Our proposal consists of the complete redevelopment of the Old Coach Station to develop 9 self build homes. These self build homes will be in keeping with and sympathetic to the character of development within Blagdon.

The two existing residential dwellings at the Old Coach Station will be demolished as part of this redevelopment.

3 self build dwellings are proposed to be erected at the Garndiffaith parcel (to be called ‘Chapel Court’) and 6 dwellings are proposed to be erected at the Mendip Garage parcel (to be called the ‘Farmstead Cluster’).

The proposed development consists of a mix of two building ‘types’ – ‘cottage’ and ‘barn’ – reflecting a modern interpretation of the traditional building types that can be found both within Blagdon and the wider area.

The ‘cottage’ typologies (2 at Chapel Court and 1 at Farmstead) consist of 2.5 storey dwellings proposed to be located adjacent to the existing street frontage.

To the rear of the two parcels are 6 Barn typologies (4 at the Farmstead Cluster and 2 at Chapel Court) of between 2 to 2 and a half storeys.

Detailed proposal documentation can be found at the bottom of the page.

Housing Mix

The proposal will include a total of 9 homes:
• six 4-bedroom houses of between 170.94m2 and 256.55m2
• three 5-bedroom houses of between 205.82m2 and 222.07m2

The housing mix will be for ‘self build’ housing, allowing homeowners to make important design decisions in their construction, whilst retaining a coherent character and layout.

Access and movement

Vehicular access will continue to use the existing access points from Street End.

Each property will be accompanied by rear garden and communal courtyard space to the front of the properties.

Other Technical Work

A range of other technical work has informed the layout and will form part of the planning application, including architectural drawings, ecological survey, landscaping scheme and heritage appraisal.

Have Your Say

We are keen to hear your views on these proposals. Please provide any comments you may have in the form below. All comments must be received by 16 May 2022.


This Consultation has now closed.

Next steps

We will review the feedback received which will inform the development of the scheme. Once the consultation has completed, we will consider any updates to the proposal before submitting our planning application to North Somerset Council.

Further queries

If you have any further queries regarding the proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Project Team

Edward Ware Homes have appointed a project team who are responsible for looking at a wide range of technical aspects of the proposed development. The team includes Black Box Planning (Town Planning); Origin3 (Urban Design); Cotswold Archaeology (Heritage) and First Ecology (Ecology).