We are keen to hear opinions from across Forest of Dean District and beyond, regarding the Glynchbrook proposal. We look forward to receiving your responses to the consultation questions along with any other comments you may have in the form below. The context of the consultation questions is the requirement for the district to plan for in-excess of 4,000 new homes over the next 20 years, with further longer term needs beyond.

Question 1

If the long term housing needs of the Forest of Dean cannot be fully met at the largest towns of Cinderford, Coleford and Lydney, where do you think the remaining new housing development should be located?

Question 2

Do you agree that the Forest’s existing settlements are reaching their natural capacity and that a new settlement represents the most sustainable way to minimize pressure on existing towns and villages and rebalance the distribution of growth in the District?

Question 3

If a new settlement was deemed necessary as part of the future growth strategy for Forest of Dean District, do you agree that the northern part of the District in close proximity to the M50 motorway junction is an appropriate location for a new settlement?

Question 4

Are there any other or better locations for a new village settlement in Forest of Dean?

Question 5

Do you feel Forest of Dean has witnessed balanced growth between housing development and jobs/employment growth in the last 10 years?

Question 6

Which kind of community facilities do you think development of a new village should include?

Question 7

What would concern you most about the Glynchbrook new village? Please rank these options in the order in which they are most important to you (1 = most important, 10 = least important).

Question 8

Which masterplan features do you think will be most important?

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