The Site Now

Existing Site

The site is situated just south of the village of Norton, and measures approximately 1.3ha with access to be achieved directly from the A38.

Existing residential properties on Tewkesbury Road (A38) border the site to its northern boundary and part of the site frontage faces existing residential properties situated on the opposite side of the A38. The western boundary of the site is marked by hedgerow with open countryside beyond.

The site already benefits from planning permission for 9no. dwellings thus establishing the principle of development. The proposal therefore seeks to provide an intensification of the site in a manner appropriate to the site context and which provides for the more efficient use of the land.

Our Proposal

The proposal seeks to deliver 45 new homes on the site, across a range of sizes, including 18 new affordable homes.

Design and Layout

Careful consideration has been given to how the site should be designed, taking into account the setting and the relationship with the existing homes along the A38.

An area of open space is proposed at the western edge of the site, a dedicated pedestrian and cycle path is proposed to lead from the A38 to this area of open space, enabling pedestrian permeability, and enjoyment of views out of the site.

Housing Mix

It is envisaged that the site will deliver a total of 45 new homes across a range of 1-5bed houses. It is proposed that 40% (18) of the homes on the site will be delivered as affordable, in accordance with the local policy requirements of the adopted Joint Core Strategy.

The appearance of the homes takes on a traditional architectural approach to reflect the local vernacular whilst delivering modern living spaces internally and highly energy efficient homes. Wain Homes are committed to delivering a sustainable scheme at the site, with each home fitted with low carbon technologies.

A street scene incorporating a series of illustrative house types is shown below, demonstrating how the site could look.

Access and Movement

Vehicular access is proposed from the A38 (Tewkesbury Road). A new separate footpath and cycle link is proposed to run through the site, running between the A38 and the proposed open space at the western edge of the site.

Landscaping and Ecology

The scheme design has evolved in response to the environmental analysis of the site, including its visual interaction with the surrounding landscape, assessment of existing green infrastructure assets including hedgerows and trees, and assessment of existing ecological conditions of the site. The proposal has been designed to provide appropriate landscaped boundaries to manage the transition between the build-form settlement which is concentrated along the A38 and the open countryside to the west.   The scheme also makes provision for ample public and private green space, and opportunities to deliver biodiversity net gain as part of the overall landscape led masterplan approach.


Black Box Planning and Wain Homes welcome your input and comments, including how you think the proposal could improve. We would greatly appreciate it if you were able to take a small amount of time to fill out the questionnaire below before Friday 19th July 2024. The results will be shared with the local planning authority as part of the Statement of Community Involvement submitted with any future application.


All responses to the consultation will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Next Steps

This public consultation and feedback questionnaire will be available to view and fill in until Friday 19th July 2024. Following this date, Wain Homes and Black Box Planning will review all feedback received along with the outcome of ongoing engagement with Tewkesbury Borough Council.

The planning application will then be finalised ahead of its submission to Tewkesbury Borough Council. A further opportunity to comment on the proposals will be facilitated through the Council.

If you have any further queries regarding the proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us at